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  • Plant Short Duration Training Review

    Why are CITB reviewing Plant Short Duration Training Standards and Grants? In 2018, CITB introduced the Training Model which is made up of short duration training standards, together with the Construction Training Directory and Training Register. Part of our vision for the Training... More
    Opened 6 October 2021
  • Adolygiad Hyfforddiant Cyfnod Byr Peiriannau

    Pam bod CITB yn adolygu Safonau a Grantiau Hyfforddiant Cyfnod Byr Peiriannau? Yn 2018, cyflwynodd CITB y Model Hyfforddiant sy’n cynnwys safonau hyfforddiant cyfnod byr, ynghyd â’r Cyfeirlyfr Hyfforddiant Adeiladu a’r Gofrestr Hyfforddiant. Rhan o’n gweledigaeth ar gyfer y Model... More
    Opened 6 October 2021
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