Plant Short Duration Training Review

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Closes 26 Nov 2021

Employer Profile Questions

We are asking for this information to ensure we are gathering views from a range of employers and users of the different card schemes.

1. Name of person completing survey
2. Email address of person completing survey
3. Contact telephone number of person completing survey
4. Business name
5. Is your business registered with CITB?
6. What is the business CITB registration number? (optional)
7. How many people does your business employ directly?
8. Which federations, if any, is your business a member of?
9. Which plant card schemes does your business currently use? Please tick all that you use.
10. What percentage of Plant training/testing does your business do through each of the schemes below? (the total should be 100%, for example 50% CPCS, 50% NPORS)
11. Has your business received CITB grant for plant training or testing in the last 12 months?