CITB Levy Proposals Consultation

Closes 17 May 2020

Consultation Contents

At CITB, we work to attract people into construction and support the training and development of the workforce. With a need for 35,000 new workers every year, we partner with employers to inspire and inform people about the opportunities in construction and to attract the quantity and quality of diverse talent the industry needs. We partner with employers to identify their training needs, ensure that need is met by high-quality training funded by us and others, and continually raise the standards of training on offer so that employers of every size can access high-quality training for their workforce.

We are obligated to consult on the Levy Proposals. It's up to you how much of a say you want in shaping the proposals and investment plans. We would like your feedback on the pages below.

We do need you to tell us who you are, so the 'About you and your organisation' page is the only required page.

After you have answered the questions you want, press 'Continue', and it will bring you back to this page each time until you decide you’ve finished.

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About you and your organisation (Required)
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Consulting on the Levy Proposals: legal consultation
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Three-year investment plan - ten areas: seeking your views
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Investment plan balance: seeking your views
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